Affirmations.. What to say and when

Affirmations.. What to say and when


After many a convo with close friends and family regarding positivity and Affirmations I was asked to write an article on the How to’s.. what to do’s, what not to do’s on affirming positivity in your day to day lives.

Lets first break the word Affirmation down..
Definition: Declaration of the truth of something.


To declare to yourself what is true. To open up to the possibility that your life IS AWESOME. To tap into the best that you can be, and present that to yourself and the world every single day.

So are Affirmations a fake it to you make it kinda thing? Well.. Kinda.. People use Affirmations for a variety of reasons. To be more confident, to let go of negativity and draw to them a more positive outlook, to have the ‘Wants’ turn into Have‘s.. To put their best ‘them’ forward, to let go of the past. To focus more on gratefulness. To give thanks.

What to Say. When to say it and How to say it.

Affirmations should be like your favourite pair of pyjamas. Choose one that just ‘fits’, that you feel completely comfortable with. Choose one that empowers you, that gives you that ‘buzz’ whenever you say it, think it and do it. Choose one that flows as you think it and say it. Mix it around, drop some words and add others, until it becomes so second nature it becomes part of your daily thought routine.

Many people start their day with Affirmations. And most not so positive. How many of us have woken with the thoughts “oh god I’m so tired”, “ I don’t want to get out of bed”, or “ I cant wait till today is over”. Imagine what your day becomes with those first thoughts. Are you going to be putting your best self out there? I doubt it. Unless you have a huge change of thought within the next few minutes, your day will spiral into negativity until those first thoughts become reality. Instead, allow yourself to start the day on the best thoughts possible. “Today is AWESOME”, “I am a money magnet”, “I am grateful for every blessing in my life”.

A friend recently asked me about her own Affirmations. She just didn’t feel it was working for her. Her Affirmation? “I am guilt free’. Now, it’s a great start. But just not ‘there’ yet. With having the word ‘guilt’ in her affirmation she was focussing on what she always felt about herself, rather then focussing on what she really wants to draw into her life. Her new Affirmation? “I am free to be me” … ahhhh yes.. Much betterer.

Our brain is a funny funny thing. It will take some words and drop others. So when choosing an Affirmation remember to say it out loud, drop a few words in your chosen affirmation to see what comes through strongly, just to make sure what you are truly meaning, matches what you are truly saying and thinking about yourself.

For example. “I am guilt free”, can equate to “I am guilt”. “I have less debt” can equate to “I have debt”. “I am no longer lonely” can equate to “I am lonely”. Do you notice how we can focus more on the negative dense words when we are actually wanting the complete opposite for ourselves?

Keep all words positive and uplifting and you will notice a huge difference in not only your thoughts but also in your life. You will continue to draw to you positive thoughts and positive actions. What you focus on, is drawn towards you. Its total Law of Attraction stuff.

When saying and thinking your Affirmation concentrate on “how” your saying it to yourself and also out loud. Saying and thinking high energy words, with a flat monotone voice just isn’t going to cut it. What you show the Universe, the Universe shows you back. You are the reflection of what you think, and say about yourself.

Remember that always..


So have fun with your Affirmations. Find the one that works for you. And watch your life change as your thoughts change.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Successful.

Beautiful chipmunk

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  1. Reidun says:

    I love this blog post Nic! I have a lot of problems with affirmations too but I now have a better understanding :)

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