Are you part of the problem?

Are you part of the problem?

The Sun has finally poked through and once again illuminated Portland NSW in all it’s splendor
no…wait…nup…it’s gone…


With the weather doing what it’s doing some are feeling downright gloomy

You can see it on their faces, but most importantly, you can see it in their attitudes to life, yours and theirs.

The ones that are constantly gloomy, negative and even downright cranky draw to them all those ions that are running amok out there in the weather, put their own pissed off energy to it
and begin creating chaos out of nothing at all.

You see it too don’t you?

Where there is no drama at all a situation will occur and it will be all out war, between others,
work colleagues, family, 
friends and on a larger level community.

It’s always someone elses fault.


Always to blame, they, their and them

If they didn’t do that… I wouldn’t do that.

It’s because they do this.. I’m like that.
They make me feel this way.
It’s because of them I do this.

You know ‘those’ people don’t you, heck, you could be one of them…

Always constantly with an opinion on how others should behave and if ‘they’ don’t behave in a certain way it’s ‘their’ fault.

So how do you steer clear of such people who are in constant chaos?
(or more importantly how do you cure yourself of this).

Step away from the drama.

Acknowledge it yes.
But don’t feed it.

Acknowledging it is happening around is not the same as feeding it.
In feeding the constant chaos, we give it energy, which is powerful and charged with indecisiveness, criticisms & negativity.
We get sucked into the drama, the gossip, the criticism of another, hoping to God people won’t see our own failings.

We point to anyone we can saying ”but look what “THEIR doing”..

In doing so, are we trying to reverse the mirror, so we do not see the reflection of ourselves in the drudgery and mucky-ness that is constant chaos?

Let em have it I say.

Let them run around like chickens, telling all in sundry that the sky indeed is falling
(…told you so…)
and go about your day with a spring in your step and lightness in your heart.

The lighter you are, the quicker you move.

Charge the energy of your soul with acceptance of yourself, for yourself.

Go beyond the doom and gloom, look skyward and shine just shine.

photoNicole Suzanne Brown lived in sunny Queensland all her life until moving to a very small cold country town of New South Wales, and still is confused by the choice to this day. Small in stature but big in personality, she has lived in New York, the United Kingdom, spent time in an Indian Ashram and gets itchy feet every time she glances at her Passport.

She is the Author of Passing through Time – conversations with the other side and Pride,  and the soon to be released Fictions: Phoenix, Sacrificial Trilogy & Outback Mistress.

She is the creator and editor of Spiritual Wisdom Magazine an online publishing resource for spiritual authors and bloggers. 

When not writing you can find her contemplating her navel, somewhere, in some part of the world.

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