Constant Cravings

Constant Cravings
I wanted to chat with you all about  what we crave in our lives and how we tend to put those cravings onto someone else to make us happy make us complete make us worth it.
What do you crave?

Attention?Do you put upon people that you are important?

Do you constant search for attention regardless of the situation you are in?

Do you become depressed when the focus is no longer on you, and do you feel that when not being paid attention to, you become attention seeking, searching and downright destructive
to anyone’s needs but your own?

Is the need for constantly craving attention stronger then the need to be part of something bigger?

When we search out attention, focusing on the outside pats on the back, others to tell you how important we are, we truly do lose sight of our own selves.
The need for attention turns in to the more self destructive WANT for attention.
It fuels us, not to be a better human being but to always be looked upon, without really focusing inwardly on ourselves.

If you crave attention ask yourself these questions?

1. Why do I need another persons approval?

2. Am I being overindulgent in an area of my life
that I feel guilty about?

3. What am I not giving myself that someone else
needs to?

Craving attention = Not honoring your true self.
It is the energy of lack in one of the highest forms.

As long as you are worried about what others think of you, you are owned by them. Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself –
Neale Donald Walsch

Do you crave affection?

The need to be loved becomes so entwined by  your own sense of self it then becomes a wanting to be loved.. regardless by whom.
The moral high-ground gets swept aside as you become a seeker of affection, craving and wanting the energy of love so deeply it becomes malicious, addictive and to some extent
(Fatal Attraction bunny boiling scene anyone?)

The wanting to be loved becomes so linked with our self worth, if we do not feel we have love, or are loved, or have been loved, we feel worthless.
Our own need for self approval again rears its ugly head and comes crashing down
around our toenails.
We are not worthy, if we are not loved.

if we truly loved ourselves, would we seek it so much from others?

If we truly loved ourselves, would we keep doing what we are doing?

If we truly loved ourselves, would we allow another to express themselves
in their own way, instead of putting our own spin on it, wanting it to be picture perfect?

Is the fairy tale real?

Is our constant craving of attention and affection stopping us from truly reaching the Nirvana we have been searching for?

Do we hate ourselves that much that someone else”s opinion rules our lives?

We ask others for their opinions but do we really know where they are coming from themselves,
are they truly the best advice for our own lives?

Are the people we are striving to be loved and wanted, needing to be loved and cared for themselves first?

Can we find it within ourselves to go within to find ourselves?

I think we can.
Sure it’s so much easier to rely on another, but then, in saying that, is it truly?

Is it so much easier for someone to give you something that you can readily give yourself?

Are you prepared to give to yourself first, to show yourself your worth it so that you no longer seek the approval of another?

Are you strong enough to let go of society’s shackles of constant craving and feed your own soul?

I believe you are.

I believe you can.

Do you?

photoNicole Suzanne Brown lived in sunny Queensland all her life until moving to a very small cold country town of New South Wales, and still is confused by the choice to this day. Small in stature but big in personality, she has lived in New York, the United Kingdom, spent time in an Indian Ashram and gets itchy feet every time she glances at her Passport.

She is the Author of Passing through Time – conversations with the other side and Pride,  and the soon to be released Fictions: Phoenix, Sacrificial Trilogy & Outback Mistress.

She is the creator and editor of both Spiritual Wisdom Magazine an online publishing resource for spiritual authors and bloggers

When not writing you can find her contemplating her navel, somewhere, in some part of the world.


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