Passing through Time book review on Australian Writers Rock site

It is with great pleasure and overall #squuueeeeness that I present to you a review I received from “Australian Writers Rock” regarding Passing through Time (a book about the afterlife)
Passing Through Time is ‘conversations with God’ on a more intimate, realistic scale.
A lot of questions one might pose to God, or what we as mortal humans have perhaps considered inwardly, quietly to ourselves, Nicole openly asks her brother Jason, who has passed away in the prime of his life, he tells Nicole his own personal spiritual life experiences from ‘the other side’. Nicole shows no fear in communicating with Jason, I would be a little uncomfortable in the same situation. However, she is perfectly comfortable sensing Jason’s presence.
I love that Jason indicates to Nicole that life is the ‘illusion’, and death a kind of ‘reality’.  Regardless whether or not you believe in life after death, it’s an interesting take on the philosophy of life.
Nicole cleverly interspersed the stark reality of Jason’s sudden death via short takes from her Mum’s diary. A humbling reminder of the other side of death, that whilst Jason is happy and content, those left behind are struggling. An enlightening read. Comforting and reassuring, no matter which side of the fence you sit on regarding your own personal beliefs on the big question, does life after death exist?
I truly feel very blessed and honoured by this amazing review.
My huge felt thanks to Aishah Macgill  & the Australian Writers Rock team.
You can view the review yourself here and don’t forget to take a peak around this amazing site that promotes Australian Authors.
You can buy a copy of Passing through Time (a book about the afterlife)
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Nicole Suzanne Brown is the Author of Passing through Time (a book about the afterlife)
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