Pride book trailer

Pride book trailer

I am delighted and excited to tell you all that PRIDE has now been published and is available for sale on Paperback and Kindle

You can buy the book directly from Amazon HERE


Short description

When a shy and naive Country girl stumbles into the lives of two Brothers, she turns their worlds upside down.

Extended description

Brothers Matthew and Brett Hastings are the proverbial odd couple. The Yin and Yang of sexuality. Where Brett wants fame and fortune, Matthew just wants her. The one. Who ever she is. And when Rebecca Flowers a shy and naïve country girl stumbles into their lives and moves into the spare room of their lavish apartment both Brothers have to face their fears. The fear of rejection from the ones they love and the fear of finding someone, then losing them forever.

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Thank you all for your continued support and all round awesomeness

Love & fluffy stuff
Nic xooxox

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