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SPIRITUAL WISDOM PUBLISHING BANNER NEWHave you written a beautiful book based on your own experience with
Spirituality that you just KNOW needs to be published,
but you’re not sure how, or where, or from who?

Have you an idea for a book of fiction, fantasy, faeries,
angels, adventures & a Spiritual twist, 

but have been told time and time again, it’s just not ‘marketable’?

Does e-book formatting and social media leave you cold and confused?

Are you frustrated with all the noise out there of books that have been previously published  and become so frustrated because you just KNOW your book is better? 

Spiritual Wisdom Publishing is now opening it’s doors for
new authors to be published 2013-2014.

Under the Spiritual Wisdom Publishing banner your book will be:

  • Beautifully Designed Unique Covers for both your physical (paperback/hardcover) and e-book
  • Formatted book to suit both physical printing and e-book
  • Your e-book uploaded to Amazon.
  • Your physical book on sale through Amazon that same day!



ONLY Spiritual Wisdom Publishing can:

  • Feature your book on the bottom of each post (3months) on  Spiritual Wisdom Magazine & all social media reaching over 10,000 per month of your potential readers!


  • Direct sell your book in our Store with money going directly TO YOU!



  • We create a
    Facebook Author Page PLUS one for your book, with fans!

    Googlereads Author Page

    Amazon Author Page

    Pinterest Author Page


  • Your own Book Video Trailer!

If your tired of trying to do it all yourself

If you feel the energy build around you that is pushing
you to tell your story to the world

If you are ready to say YES! I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

fill out the form below:

Together, we WILL have YOUR story told to the World!

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