The beauty of Scars

The beauty of Scars

I wanted to write today about Scars.

Those that are visible as well as those that are not.

Those we have given to others, those that we have given to ourselves and those that others have caused.

We all have them. Some are hidden some are in plain view.

It is the ones that are hidden that seem to hurt the most that take longer to heal and it all comes down to trust.


You see when we are scarred on the inside we have been hurt so badly emotionally that the healing process takes a lot longer.

Visible scars can be covered healed with cream or laser treatments.


But invisible scars, those that seem to open when we have forgotten the hurt, they take longer. they take trust to heal, they take faith in the Universe that you will never be hurt like that again.

They can open at the most inappropriate times, just when we are willing to trust again a memory breaks through and opens the scars one more time.


So how can we heal these invisible scars?


I believe we need to reach out and communicate to those we truly trust.

To allow the scar to open up


So that we can






Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. to allow another to help with the healing, that’s what truly heals scars.


Being vulnerable and allowing help.


I wonder how many of us walk around this planet with such intense invisible scars that allow us to not reach our full potential?


Because pain and fear can either help or hinder.


They can help by allowing us to truly feel the pain, truly live in that fear and face it head on.

To allow us to see that we are not only surviving we are thriving.


We have walked through the fire and have the scars to prove it.


We have loved so deeply so intensely.


We were willing to give our all without fear and we got burnt badly.


Yet, we have the ability to heal ourselves to start again to start a fresh.


It is us that allow those scars to continue to hold us back.

No one else hurts us so badly as we do ourselves.


In loving ourselves

we heal ourselves


In healing ourselves

we nurture our soul and spirit.


And in that healing we allow ourselves the understanding that we are worth the risk, that scars may be opened, new scars may appear.


But loving and being loved is the most gracious energy.


In giving

we received

in loving





May your scars be healed so that you may trust again. 


photoNicole Suzanne Brown lived in sunny Queensland all her life until moving to a very small cold country town of New South Wales, and still is confused by the choice to this day. Small in stature but big in personality, she has lived in New York, the United Kingdom, spent time in an Indian Ashram and gets itchy feet every time she glances at her Passport.

She is the Author of Passing through Time – conversations with the other side and Pride,  and the soon to be released Fictions: Phoenix, Sacrificial Trilogy & Outback Mistress.

She is the creator and editor of both Spiritual Wisdom Magazine an online publishing resource for spiritual authors and bloggers. 

When not writing you can find her contemplating her navel, somewhere, in some part of the world.

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