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Mochadoodle – Scentsy – Australian Consultant You had me at Coffee laden Chocolately goodness! To order go to Spiritual Scents – Australian Scentsy store

The beauty of Scars

The beauty of Scars I wanted to write today about Scars. Those that are visible as well as those that are not. Those we have given to others, those that we have given to ourselves and those that others have caused. We all have them. Some are hidden some are in plain view. It is the ones that are hidden that seem to hurt the most that take longer to heal and it all comes down to trust.   You see when we are scarred on the inside we have been hurt so badly emotionally that the healing process takes a lot longer. Visible scars can be covered healed with cream or laser treatments.   But invisible scars,...

Are you part of the problem?

Are you part of the problem? The Sun has finally poked through and once again illuminated Portland NSW in all it’s splendor no…wait…nup…it’s gone… …again… With the weather doing what it’s doing some are feeling downright gloomy You can see it on their faces, but most importantly, you can see it in their attitudes to life, yours and theirs. The ones that are constantly gloomy, negative and even downright cranky draw to them all those ions that are running amok out there in the weather, put their own pissed off energy to it and begin creating chaos out of...

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