The energy of manipulation

The energy of manipulation

Recent events in my life as well
as my loved ones have allowed me to
look closely at the energy of manipulation
and the people that choose to play that game.

The energy of manipulation, I believe,
is the illusion of control.
The energy of self fulfilled power..
Or lack thereof.

Now I’m not saying everyone is intentionally
good all the time.

We all at some time, go to the place of
manipulation to feel better about ourselves,
and yes, sometimes at the expense of others.

But can manipulation be filled with
such a powerful energy, that it feeds us?

Can we dip so far into that energy,
we can’t see any other way out?

Can we become so consumed by it’s
intensity that it becomes the only
way we know to get ahead?

Are we still so stuck in the energy
of 3D that there needs to be intentional
manipulation to get what we want out of life?
Out of others?

Are there people in your life right now,
that you know use manipulation for their
own purpose, with no consideration for another?

Do you find they go to the “child state”
when you actually pull them up on it?

My parents always taught my Brother and
myself that manipulators will always
become the biggest victims,
when they are finally told enough no
more Manipulators
(or for want of a better word Bullies)
will go to that “child state” once they
are called upon to explain their actions
towards another, because that’s
how they learn to win the game.
To get the power.

But I have noticed a shift recently.

Manipulators are being put in there place.
And no matter how many tantrums,
or dramas they choose to create.
People aren’t playing the game.
They are changing the rules.

They have had enough of being pushed around,
and they are laying down the ground rules.
The boundaries are being shown.
And the manipulators are becoming confused.
They will rally together.
Be sure of that.
But they will realise,
rather then later,
that true power lies in the ability to
help another reach their goals,
without wanting anything for themselves.

For in giving, we receive.

They will realise that the meek shall indeed inherit the Earth.

No longer will they belittle others
to give themselves more power.
The rules have changed.

No longer will people better themselves
by bringing down others.
The rules have changed.

No longer will people find strength
in making another weak.
The rules have changed.

No longer will people be richer,
wealthier, more famous
at another persons expense.
The rules have changed.

Don’t believe me?

Look around you.
Who in your life was once meek
and now standing up for themselves
with loving intent?

Who in your life was once the bully,
but now is being told no,
over and over and over again until they get it?
The rules have changed.

It’s up to you to still play the old game.

Today i am happy
I’m opening a new discussion and would love peoples opinions and thoughts on the matter.Do you believe that it is in every persons nature to manipulate? If yes, to what degree? (Remembering also that manipulation can be played out on many levels, the bully, the victim).Do you believe that people can manipulate with pure intention?

Do you believe that people can manipulate without having any idea that they are doing it?

I’d love to hear your views in the comments… let’s chat!


Nicole Suzanne Brown lived in sunny Queensland all her life until moving to a very small cold country town of New South Wales, and still is confused by the choice to this day. Small in stature but big in personality, she has lived in New York, the United Kingdom, spent time in an Indian Ashram and gets itchy feet every time she glances at her Passport.

She is the publisher of Spiritual Wisdom Magazine an online publishing resource for spiritual authors and bloggers.

I am the Author of Passing through Time – conversations with the other sidePrideThe Wee Little book of The Awesome and The Creativity Workbook as well as the soon to be released The Wee Little Book on The Meaning of Feathers and Give to Get – how to give to receive all that you need.  When not writing you can find her contemplating her navel, somewhere, in some part of the world.

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