The long and winding road

The long and winding road
*note: post first published Nov, 2011
Portland Nsw has turned on the charm today
tís beautiful and sunny with no rain in sight
*looks tentatively at sky*
How you all doing today?
Funny to feel Christmas day fast approaching
while people are still in the whole
‘meh, whatever’ mode..
the common thread I hear most is
that they are “over it already”

Which makes me think…
Have we forgotten the energy of Christmas?I not talking all the worship stuff
(whatever floats your boat)
I’m talking about the ENERGY of Christmas,
the celebration of life, of connection,
of communication.

The energy that draws with it excitement
of a New Year approaching,
the energy of taking stock and letting go
of being
completely thankful of what you have
gone through this year
and the knowing you are stronger then you were
this time last year.

Have you forgotten?

The times when you thought you couldn’t face
another day like the one you were
merely trying to survive in,
another day that was like every other day?

Have you forgotten?

The times when you were so lost and felt
life was out of control and
everyone else got “it” but you.

Have you forgotten?

The times you felt victimised, crucified,
neglected, trodden on, and cast aside.

Have you forgotten

You are the most amazing person
because you continue to strive to be better

You are the most incredible person
because you seek your own truth
when those around you live in their
false reality

You are the most beautiful person
because you still are grateful
with everything you have gone through
you still found gratitude.

Do you know how hard other people
find it, to just keep going?

you do.

You keep going
You keep searching
and striving
to be better then yesterday

You honor yourself
by not giving up
You acknowledge that life
sucks yet you know it will only get better

You have faith, in faith.

That’s all you need really.

Putting faith in faith.

Allowing the energy of faith to carry you through
the hard times.
Knowing that even when stripped bare
the faith you have in yourself will carry you
and allow you the greatest *hardest* lessons
of your life
And you are grateful for every single one of them.

There are – and will continue to be -
days, nights and even weeks
where you will feel that all faith is lost
but it is in that feeling of lack
that we find our greatest strengths.
It is in that feeling
that we truly understand what
is important to us
truly important.
what we are here for

Want to know the secret to life?
the reason why
we are all trundling along
together on this gorgeous Planet?

Be the very best YOU
you could ever be
Amaze yourself with how strong you truly are
And be grateful
that you have the choices that
give to you the best lessons you could ever
wish for
to know yourself
to know
that you truly are
Nicole Suzanne Brown is the Author of Passing through time (paperback) & Pride ebook both available at all fabulous booksellers worldwide.
You can also connect with Nicole Fb page: here
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Your mission in this life
– if you choose to accept it -
Is to be the best YOU you can be that’s it.
that’s all we need to do.Simple huh?Are you being your best?

How amazing would it be if we chose to
teach our children from birth
that they are
truly brilliant
they are awesome
just by “being” themselves.

That nothing in this world is more important
then how you feel about yourself.
And if you find the faith in yourself
you will hold the world in your hands.

That you can want anything
but only need to be true to yourself

That you can have anything
but only need to be kind and loving to yourself

That you can get anything you want out of life
but only need to be present at every moment.


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